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Write for us health: It is came across here to give an invitation be a guest contributor for us. Here the guest contributor appoint as a content writer. We want some articles that should be based on the health community and on the topics of health, nutrition, fitness, wellness, medical blog, alternative medical health and holistic health etc. This is become a best step to be popular in this sector.

Some submitting requirements of articles

Write for us wants that our every reader and visitor should be comfortable while reading any content at our website. So, we know the requirement and choices of our visitors and because of this we set some steps for the article and you have to prepare every article by following of these steps. These are the following conditions: –

  • Every article must contain more than 1000 words.
  • You have to give at least 5 headings.
  • You also have to add an author bio in every article.
  • Give at least one Meta description which contains 160 characters.
  • Add at least 2-3 pictures in article.
  • Give only one link in every article.
  • Also add one video too.
  • Every article must be original.
  • Every article should approved by the copyscape tool.
  • Avoid adding any adult and obscene content.
  • Every article should be unique and informative.
  • Article should be readable.
  • Never share any article to anyone website without our link.
  • Don’t add any robotic or spam pitches in article.
  • Every article must be 100% unique.

Write for us always wants to keep the visitor and reader happy by our services. Therefore, we want only those articles from our guest contributor that must be readable for every person. Whenever you make any article for write for us try to follow all these steps in the article. These steps will help you to prepare those kinds of article what we actually want.

Some other steps

If you make your mind to be a guest contributor of write for us then you have to contact with us. First, you have to take approval from us then you can write the articles. If you mail your article without taking permission from us then your article will become ignore and not valuable for us.

While preparing any article for write for us then you have to add some pictures which are relevant to the topic. This step will make your article unique and attractive too.

The main requirement of us that every article must be free from plagiarism content and that must be 100% unique. Whenever you mail any article to write for us then you have to check your article by copyscape tool because this tool will help you to find some plagiarism error from your written article.

Pay little attention here

Entire article will become verified and check by our editing team before the publication of the article. As we always want to have the best off articles so because this we only consider only those article that was written in good manner like good format, best quality images, unique contents and some else. That’s why; make every article by following all those guidelines and steps which is given here.

Final words

We understand that what we actually want from our guest contributor is become clears to you. So, if you still have any intention to grow your carrier opportunities so be a guest contributor for us and make some impressive article on the health blog. We assure you that this step will amazingly enhance your writing skills and also upgrade your future best possibilities. We advised you that don’t think too much you just have to make contact with us and be popular in worldwide. This is simple and the best way to enhance your whole personality. We will become really happy if you will get achievement in this sector.

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Mail Id – guestpostblogger@gmail.com

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