Increased Fines Prove That Illegal Tooth Whitening Does Not Pay

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Having pearly white teeth is everyone’s desire and most people can go to certain lengths just to get these pearly whites. Brushing three times a day flossing after every meal and a lot of different measures just for the sake of healthy teeth. But even with all of these precautions sometimes we just don’t get the results that we are hoping for. After all of this effort when we don’t get the expected result most people look toward tooth whitening as an alternative to solve the problem. No, doubt by whitening your tooth you look more attractive and that pearly white smile is more admired by others.

Reasons Why the Fines Increased:

Since tooth whitening can cost you quite a lot when done by a practiced orthodontist most people tend to look for some non-dental practitioners because they will do the same job at a fraction of what a professional would originally take from you. Over the years most people have gotten away by doing illegal tooth whitening and since the practice don’t have any bond or policy even if they were to damaged your gum, enamel or any other part of your tooth in the process you wouldn’t have any right to file a case against them or take proper action against the practicing doctor. But those days are gone since the medical association have got a warrant and an unspecified number of fine on the non-professional dentists. That way if you are caught performing an illegal tooth whitening process then the fine will you would have to pay is going to cost a lot more than the payment you were receiving from your patients.

Alternative Solutions to Teeth Whitening

If the orthodontists cost quite a lot then here are some alternative solutions for you to use to get the perfect pearly whites that you desire.

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Whitening strips

Most of the people switch towards using dental strips which are actually good for a short time period but after continuous usage of those strip they can cause serious damage to your gums resulting in an even more painful procedure from the dentist. But it’s still better then damaging your teeth even more by letting a nonprofessional work on them.



Even though these fines may sound like a good news to some individuals it also has a negative impact on those who just can’t afford dental care. Since it is so expensive in most countries not everyone can get a chance to hire professional just for a routinely checkup and get their teeth whitened. If you were to face this type of problem then there are plenty more websites you can take a look at that will offer you a great amount of discount on dental procedures such as rather than risking your precious teeth in hands of an unlicensed dentist you can just head on to Google and find some relatable offers on dental services near you that are offering a certain amount of discount helping you to get the smile you always wanted by a licensed dentist saving you a ton of money as well as lessening the risk of damage to your teeth .

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