How To Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally

How To Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally- Happy Pregnancy!

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Getting pregnant is an amazing milestone to achieve for most couples. Getting pregnant with twins is just twice the glory and fun! Many couples are excited at the idea of conceiving twin children and make attempts to get pregnant with twins. There are a variety of methods to achieve this, both natural and medicinal. The more beneficial however remains relying on natural ways to get there as other methods can have serious long term implications and side effects. Going natural gives you more chances at succeeding in conceiving twins with no side effects! So, here is how to get pregnant with twins naturally!


This is a naturally occurring fruit in the Nigerian area of the African continent and parts of South America. The cassava is an amazing fruit to help induce twin pregnancies. This is mostly due to the chemical matter present inside of the fruit. The Cassava is a very starchy fruit that is consumed heavily in many parts of South America as well. But it is a complete staple part of the diet of the Yorubas of Nigeria. The women amongst these people are known to have the highest rates of twin births in the world! A coincidence, we think not! So, if you are wondering how t o get pregnant with twins naturally, there are huge possibilities that this might be your answer.


Your Genes:

There is a strong determinacy that your genes have on your child bearing tendencies. The same applies for the conception of twin children. Unfortunately, you cannot borrow genes. So the only thing left to do to determine the chances you have at twins is to go back a bit in your history. If someone in your family- whether your paternal grand and greatgrand mothers or your maternals had twins, you might have more of a chance that you would in the case they didn’t.

More Dairy:

Yes, the lactose rich foods can help you a great deal at increasing your chances at having twins! Foods such as milk, cheeses, yoghurt can help increase your shot at conceiving twins by a whopping 5 times! So if you are thinking of jumping into that vegan diet while desiring twins, think again. These foods help a lot with how to get pregnant with twins naturally.


Yes this is too soon but it is also a good method to help get pregnant with twins naturally. Trying to get pregnant while breastfeeding can help with this. Contrary to popular belief, women can heavily ovulating while they lactate. The heavy ovulation is a great kickstart to conceive twins.


Getting pregnant with twins is very possible through natural remedies and methods. Consuming more dairy, trying to conceive while lactating, consuming more cassava are all great remedies to how to get pregnant with twins naturally.

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