Exercise to Increase Breast Size in 10 Days

Exercise to Increase Breast Size in 10 Days: – Get Bigger Breast Size

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Woman loves their beauty and they always want to be more beautiful in comparison of other women. Breast is also a main or we can say an important part for them. It is responsible to give better attraction to women. But because of many reasons the size of breast is smaller and tiny.

But good news is this that you can enhance your breast size by even exercises. Daily exercise can give you bigger and better size of breast along with stamina in the body. if you want to increase your breast size by doing exercises than stay here because we are giving some exercise by which you will get perfect appearance of breast in just 10 days.

 Exercise for Increase Breast Size

  • Wall Push Ups

This is so simple exercise to increase the size of breast. You just have to stand straight and now turn towards a walls and put your both hands on that and do like push up. You have to do this every day and do minimum 3 sets of this exercise.

Set 1: – 20 wall pushups.

Set 2: – 10 wall pushups.

Set 3: – 20 wall pushups.

Do these 3 packages of exercises for a month and increase it as your body strength boost.

  • Dumbbell Flys

For doing this exercise you need to take light weight dumbbells maximum weight 5 kg only and lay down on a bench and start to keeps your hand up and down. You have to do 3 sets of this workout.

Set 1: – 10 Dumbbell Flys

Set 2: – 5 Dumbbell Flys

Set 3: – 10 Dumbbell Flys

Do these 3 sets of this exercise and continue it for at least 1 month and you can increase it according to your arm strength.


  • Reverse Dumbbell Flys

This exercise may be difficult for the beginner but it is so effective. For this exercise you need to take only light weight dumbbells like 5 kg. You need to bend your back but not your butt and after taking position move your hands along with dumbbells like fly. Don’t lose your body control and do proper set.

Set 1: – 5 Reverse Dumbbells Flys

Set 2: – 5 Reverse Dumbbells Flys

Set 3: – 5 Reverse Dumbbell flys

Do this exercise also for 1 month and don’t try to pro because it may give you pain inside your arm.

  • Elevated push ups

As like simple pushups, you have to do this but in this exercise you need to use a chair and take your leg upon chair and keeps your leg parallel to the body and start pushups slowly.

Set 1: – 5 Elevated pushups

Set 2: – 5 Elevated Pushups

Set 3: – 5 Elevated Pushups

Do 3 set of this exercise for one month and you can decrease pushups if you are not able to do 5.


You have to do these workouts in right proportion and because of this you will definitely see some visible changes at your breast size.

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