Do’s and Don'Ts During Pregnancy Third Trimester

Do’s and Don’Ts During Pregnancy Third Trimester: – Cure with Love

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We wish you a lot for your third trimester level; obviously these are the last time for to appear your baby in your hands. Now, almost 27th weeks completed and final process is arrived. We understand that third trimester is more exiting for you but now, you need to do most care to your health.

Your body requires special care at this time and today we are giving some special list of Do’s and Don’ts during Pregnancy Third Trimester. Read it and be prepared.

 Some Do’s list

These steps you have to do at third trimester period: –

  • Sleep at Sideway Along with Pillow

At this time, your sleeping position is most important for your little one. You have to sleep at the sideways and along with the pillow between the legs. This position gives you relief and it also improves blood flow to the placenta. Overall, it plays important role for well-being of your future bay.

  • Prepare for Breastfeeding

Reaching on this situation, you need to get ready to your nipples for breastfeeding. For this, you can do some massage on the breast and this activity will protect you from soreness problems. Massaging your nipple will make your breast ready for breastfeeding.

  • Contact with a Doctor

At this period, you need to make contact with a doctor because they will give you advice for future activities. Doctor knows the requirements of a newly mother so get in touch with any doctor and get consulted. Try to follow entire instruction whatever doctor gives to you.


Some Don’Ts List

Whatever is listed here, you advice to avoid all that activities at third trimester: –

  • Don’t Take Stress

Taking any type of stress is not good at any trimester because stress can create many complications in pregnancy and it also creates symptoms of abnormalities situation in your future baby.

  • Don’t Work to Much

After reaching the stage of third trimester, don’t do too much work and also avoid running or exercise and other work.

  • Avoid Dehydration

As much as possible keep your body hydrated. Dehydration can cause UTI problem in mother which affect your baby. Try to drink water and other liquid for maintaining the required water level.


This is a last stage of your pregnancy and this condition requires your best care. First, we advise you to get in contact with a doctor and check your health status and keep it updated at every regular period. After this, you will take some steps which will good for your body. This article will also contribute in your good health, so try to follow it and be healthy forever. Best of luck for your future!

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