Number 1 Shortcut That Helps Get You into Ketosis

Number 1 Shortcut That Helps Get You into Ketosis

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Everyone knows that ketogenic diets have taken the world by a storm, but what makes them so different? The ketosis process! However, if you want to learn more about how to get into ketosis, its benefits, and how to reach it, you’ve come to the right place!

But before jumping to the number one shortcut to ketosis, you should know what ketosis is!

What is ketosis, to begin with?

What is ketosis

Simply put, ketosis is a state your organism reaches once you cut off its carb supply. As expected, your organism then has to find another fuel source. At this point, it starts producing ketones that will replace the sugars and carbs your body needs to function properly.

Ketosis is usually reached in about two weeks’ time. During this period, most dieters experience different signs. These symptoms might include bad breath, an unusual and unpleasant smell of urine, the infamous keto flu, insomnia, etc.

Therefore, if you’d rather skip these unpleasant side effects of ketosis, and jump right to the good part instead, you’re in luck! There is one shortcut that will help you get into ketosis quickly, without having to experience its uncomfortable side effects!

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The best way to get into ketosis

The best way to quickly get into ketosis is to combine carb reduction and supplements. This is definitely a match made in heaven! The carb reduction will make your organism start producing the ketones you need, which is the ultimate goal. However, without supplementing yourself, you would still go through some of the side effects.

Supplements actually help you maintain well-balanced energy levels (and even boost them up), without having to experience keto flu. Keto flu, along with bad breath, is one of the most common side effects of ketosis. In this period, the majority of dieters begin experiencing its downsides, including fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness, migraines, irritability or brain fog.

These side effects occur because your body has not started producing the optimal levels of ketones yet. In order to maintain consistent energy levels, the body uses the leftover carbs/sugars in your blood to support itself.

Though the keto flu tends to pass in a week or two, most people would rather avoid it! This is where supplements step in and change things for the better.

The supplements

If you do end up using supplements to get into ketosis, there are some things that you should know. Supplements will give your body enough time to start producing enough ketones that will serve as your main fuel source. This is how they help you avoid experiencing side effects, to begin with!

Make sure that the supplements you’re getting are high-quality, organic and that they are made from dietary ingredients. You will be grateful for this tip once you get into ketosis without any side effects!

Supplements also help to eliminate cravings and keep you full for a longer period of time. Make sure that your supplement contains MCT oil because it helps promote weight loss while boosting energy levels.

The supplements that have proven themselves to be the most effective are the ones that are made with beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB). Most people don’t know this, but BHB makes up to 78 percent of total ketone bodies in our blood systems. It’s the most abundant ketone that serves as a better fuel source than glucose, making it the best keto choice.

Supplements that contain an abundance of BHB can sometimes help get you into ketosis in less than 24 hours! No wonder they’re the talk of the day!

In the period of ketone production, supplements will supply you with a certain amount of ketones on their own. However, no one said that this process doesn’t have to be tasty, right? You can choose from lots of different flavors like chocolate, chocolate mint, vanilla, peanut butter, strawberry, pomegranate, banana, etc. There is something to suit every taste!

Most supplements can be mixed with water, or blended with your morning smoothie. You can also add them to your coconut or almond milk, and enjoy a delicious drink.

As you can see, combining carb reduction and supplements is the way to go! Both are beneficial for your health and will induce weight loss in no time. However, there are no strict rules when it comes to adjusting your diet to your lifestyle.

You should make sure to listen to your body and act accordingly! And of course, if you have any health conditions, make sure to consult your doctor first. Ketogenic diets can be applied to all sorts of lifestyle, but the key to making them work is balance!

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